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July 3, 2015
About Project

We continue to serve our customers engaged in industrial operations in the field of construction with our expert staff. Our research and development team aims to provide the most accurate quality product and service to the users by calculating the correlational differences and conditions between the field and the mine in artificial environments.

Our engineers are currently for the construction industry; He continues his research on the basis of Viscosity, Filtration, Sieve Analysis, Moisture Determination, Marsh Funnel, Sludge Density, Cake Thickness, Liquid Limit, Gelation Coefficient, Ph.

The problems faced by the developing world market are a serious problem for industrial construction companies in terms of providing cost advantage. KarBen continues its development activities in its own analysis laboratories.

Based on the studies carried out in the academic field, studies on concrete stabilization and strength are continuing. Integrated studies on cement, one of the mineral-added products after mining processes, are important for

Based on the studies on the mechanical behavior and wear resistance of bentonite added concretes; Studies on the production and effects of bentonite calcined at certain percentages by weight at appropriate temperatures and times instead of cement in concrete mixtures are observed.

Researches have made it possible to observe that the product strength is increased by 3% in the product and 10% in the behavior of the product. continues to accelerate its work in this field. In drilling technology, it attaches great importance to ensuring that the retaining walls in excavation areas can be accessed from bentonite-based galleries.

We recommend you to use reliability and database in sectoral research.